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The Unforgotten Realm - Welcome

Welcome to The Unforgotten Realm


The Unforgotten Realm is an OSI Based Modified Sphere-56b Ultima Online Shard packed with many custom scripts.

No Custom File Downloads Required! (*Pure OSI Files for Now*)
If you don't have Ultima Online installed already you can download it by clicking the download link below.
Once installed just navigate to the installation folder > find login.cfg and replace what's inside with Loginserver=,2593 > save and double click client.exe

Ultima Online - Mondain's Legacy [761 MB]
Direct Download

Starting Items

Starting Items

Along with very fast skill gain we believe new players should have a good start, no one likes starting from scratch and constantly grinding

Basic Clothing - Equipped
Dagger x1
Candle x1 - Equipped
Gold 5,000
Full Spellbook x1
Runebook x1
Ride Treasure Ball x1
Food Treasure Ball x3
Armor Treasure Ball x1
Wood & Plaster House Deed
Small Ship Deed

Player Commands

Commands DO NOT have to be capitalized when typed.

Player Commands
.AFK - Goes into AFK mode.
.FRIEND - Opens friends list.
.WH or .WHISPER - Whisper someone on your friends list.
.JEWELRY - Easily remove all your Jewelry.
.SHOWUID - Get your items UID for safe keeping
.STRIPME - Removes Everything Equipped
.VOTE - Opens Shard Voting Menu
.LOCATESHIP - Find your ships location
.WHERE - Shows your Location
.ONLINECLIENTS - Shows all Online Players
.COUNTREAGS - Shows your Total Reagents
.HUNGRY - Check Hunger Status
.FIX - Use if stuck inside the ground
.SUICIDE - Kills Yourself
.HELPPAGE - Opens GM Paging System

Potion Commands - Must have Potion/Scroll in backpack
.HEAL or .HP or .HEALING_POTION - Use Healing Potion
.MP or .MANA_POTION - Use Mana Potion
.RP or .REFRESH_POTION - Use Refresh Potion
.IP or .INVISIBILITY_POTION - Use Invisibility Potion
.CP or .CURE_POTION - Use Cure Potion
.FS or .FLAMESTRIKE_SCROLL - Use Flamestrike Scroll

Stable Commands - Must be near Animal Trainer NPC
STABLE - Stables unshrunk animal
RETRIEVE - Opens withdraw menu

Guild Commands
.GUILD (Message) - Send your guildmates a message.
.GUILDPANIC (message) - Will alert your guildmates you are panicking and will tell them where you are.
.GUILDMSG - Will bring up messages left by other guildmates. (usefull for meeting times)
.GUILDMSGCHECK - Will check if you have any new guild messages - if so it will open the menu up.
.WRITEGUILDMSG (message) - Will write a new guild message to be checked with ".GUILDMSG"
.LISTGUILD - Will list guild members currently online.

House Commands
I wish to lock this down - Lock an item on house ground.
I wish to secure this - Lock an item on house ground and set a minimum required house access to use it.
I wish to release this - Unlock an item that is locked or secured.
I ban thee - Ban someone from the house.
remove thyself - Eject someone from the house.
I wish to place a trash barrel - Places a trash barrel at your feet.

Server Stream


Discord Channel links to Litecoin Black Crypto-Currency.

But you will be sent to the Ultima Online Channel.

Monster of the Month

Monster of the month is in short; a type of creature/monster that during that month will have a higher chance of dropping a rare, skill item, weapon enhancer and more.



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