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The Unforgotten Realm - Welcome

Welcome to The Unforgotten Realm


The Unforgotten Realm is an OSI Based Modified Sphere-56b Ultima Online Shard packed with many custom scripts.

No Custom File Downloads Required! (Pure OSI Files)
If you don't have Ultima Online installed already you can download it by clicking the download link below.
Once installed just navigate to the installation folder > find login.cfg and replace what's inside with Loginserver=,2593 > save and double click client.exe

Ultima Online - Mondain's Legacy [761 MB]
Direct Download

Ultima Online - Mondain's Legacy [761 MB]
3rd Party Download

Starting Items

Starting Items

Along with very fast skill gain we believe new players should have a good start, no one likes starting from scratch and constantly grinding

Basic Clothing - Equipped
Dagger x1
Candle x1 - Equipped
Gold 5,000
Full Spellbook x1
Runebook x1
Ride Treasure Ball x1
Food Treasure Ball x3
Armor Treasure Ball x1
Wood & Plaster House Deed
Small Ship Deed

Player Commands

Commands DO NOT have to be capitalized when typed.

Player Commands
.AFK - Goes into AFK mode.
.FRIEND - Opens friends list.
.WH or .WHISPER - Whisper someone on your friends list.
.JEWELRY - Easily remove all your Jewelry.
.SHOWUID - Get your items UID for safe keeping
.STRIPME - Removes Everything Equipped
.VOTE - Opens Shard Voting Menu
.LOCATESHIP - Find your ships location
.WHERE - Shows your Location
.ONLINECLIENTS - Shows all Online Players
.COUNTREAGS - Shows your Total Reagents
.HUNGRY - Check Hunger Status
.FIX - Use if stuck inside the ground
.SUICIDE - Kills Yourself
.HELPPAGE - Opens GM Paging System

Potion Commands - Must have Potion/Scroll in backpack
.HEAL or .HP or .HEALING_POTION - Use Healing Potion
.MP or .MANA_POTION - Use Mana Potion
.RP or .REFRESH_POTION - Use Refresh Potion
.IP or .INVISIBILITY_POTION - Use Invisibility Potion
.CP or .CURE_POTION - Use Cure Potion
.FS or .FLAMESTRIKE_SCROLL - Use Flamestrike Scroll

Stable Commands - Must be near Animal Trainer NPC
STABLE - Stables unshrunk animal
RETRIEVE - Opens withdraw menu

Guild Commands
.GUILD (Message) - Send your guildmates a message.
.GUILDPANIC (message) - Will alert your guildmates you are panicking and will tell them where you are.
.GUILDMSG - Will bring up messages left by other guildmates. (usefull for meeting times)
.GUILDMSGCHECK - Will check if you have any new guild messages - if so it will open the menu up.
.WRITEGUILDMSG (message) - Will write a new guild message to be checked with ".GUILDMSG"
.LISTGUILD - Will list guild members currently online.

House Commands
I wish to lock this down - Lock an item on house ground.
I wish to secure this - Lock an item on house ground and set a minimum required house access to use it.
I wish to release this - Unlock an item that is locked or secured.
I ban thee - Ban someone from the house.
remove thyself - Eject someone from the house.
I wish to place a trash barrel - Places a trash barrel at your feet.

Server Status


Discord Channel links to Litecoin Black Crypto-Currency.

But you will be sent to the Ultima Online Channel.

Monster of the Month

Monster of the month is in short; a type of creature/monster that during that month will have a higher chance of dropping a rare, skill item, weapon enhancer and more.



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